First Post of the New Chapter

I used to have a blog when I was in A Level until University. I usually talked about some random stuff that happened to me in real life and random fandom stuff (I was (still is) an Arashi Fangirl). But then I become lazy to write anything or update anything and when I have some ideas to write, I ended up not writing them.

But then a few weeks ago my site was attacked by some kind of computer virus. I had to move everything and ended up losing all of my blog entries. Then I thought…why don’t I start to do something with this blog?

So, I want to start writing random stuff in it. Might be my travel experiences, my weight loss & workout challenges, reviews of things and what not. I also don’t really have the change to write anything in English (other than work stuff) ever since I graduated from University, maybe I can use this blog to practice my English.

For now, I challenge myself to write 1 post per week. Wish me luck!

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